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At Flagship we believe everyone is an athlete, regardless of what level you're starting at. It’s all about your journey, so you only have to live up to your own standards.

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Current and past Flagship members please complete our Membership Change Form to change membership type or start training with us again! $199 Promotion is for first time members only.

When you join Flagship, you have access to three locations, six types of programs and 250 weekly classes. Doesn't get much better than that.

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With our Conditioning and Yoga for Athletes programs, new members can start training with us immediately!  Sign up for either our $199 New Member Promo membership month or our Conditioning & Yoga Only 10 Class Pass.

Interested in our Peak, Olympic LiftingStrength Development and Mobility programs? Simply complete our New Member Series (NMS) small group movement training course and gym orientation that runs two days usually Monday and Tuesday and is offered at multiple times a day at all locations (see New Member Series schedule HERE). NMS is included in the $199 New Member Promo at no additional cost and once completed members can access all programs!

Joining Flagship comes with no commitment or obligation to renew after your first membership month, so it's risk-free, meaning hitting your fitness goals have never been easier.  

Sign up now and your first membership month of Unlimited including New Member Series is just $199!

Private One-On-One New Membership Series available for a small additional fee with purchase of membership. Contact us here.

Membership Rates

Unlimited Memberships

$310* – no contract membership month (4 week)

$295* – 6 membership month (24 week) contract 4 week cycle autopay

$280* – 6 membership month (24 week) up front payment ($1,680)

$280* – 12 membership month (48 week) contract 4 week cycle autopay

$265* – 12 membership month (48 week) up front payment ($3,180)

Per Class Membership

$290*  – 10 Class Pass with 6 month expiration

$700*  – 25 Class Pass with 12 month expiration

$1350* – 50 Class Pass with 18 month expiration

    -Both All-Program-Access and Conditioning & Yoga Only 10 Class Pass available 

    -Conditioning & Yoga Only 10 Class Pass available for purchase online click HERE

    -New Member Series must be completed for purchase of an All-Program-Access Class Pass

   *Prices for ACH payments. Credit Card payments add $10 per month for unlimited or $10 per 10 classes for per class membership.

*Membership Month cycle = 4 weeks


Athletes with a Unlimited Membership are entitled to a $20 discount per hour on Private Coaching sessions. See our Private Training page for more details.

The coaching here is awesome. All coaches (I mean all of them!!) are very knowledgable, can help with modifications if needed, understand mobility, and prioritize safety first which is numero uno. No poor form allowed!
— Shereen A.